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Glendale CA Dentures

Photo of dentures patient from Glendale implant dentist Dr. Robert Thein.Complete dentures replace your teeth with a removable appliance. Many people resort to complete dentures after a lifetime of frustration with their teeth. And while there is no perfect substitute for your own teeth, a well-made set of removable dentures can give you a beautiful smile and can help you eat normally.

The patient at the right is showing a lovely, natural smile with dentures made by Dr. Thein.

Using quality materials, discussing the smile design with the patient as the treatment is planned, and avoiding short-cuts all lead to a quality result. And if the dentures are made to these standards, it can be difficult for others to tell that they aren’t your own natural teeth.

Limitations with Dentures

Even the best-made dentures aren’t the same as your own natural teeth. They are made to rest on movable gum tissue, so they are never perfectly stable and secure. Your chewing efficiency will be reduced from what it would be with natural teeth. If you understand these limitations, you are likely to be very happy with your new teeth.

There are also long-term consequences of having no natural teeth, and to make a good decision, you need to be aware of these. Dr. Thein will disclose all of this to you, and will explain your other options that are available to you. To read more, please see our dentures problems page.

But while there are problems, on the other side of this issue is the matter of cost. For many people, affordable dentures is their primary concern. When you consider your budget, you may decide that, while you would like a better option, you don’t want to spend that much money. If this is the case, you can trust Dr. Thein to respect your choice. He won’t try to pressure you into a treatment that you don’t want or that you have decided is too expensive for you.

Cost of Los Angeles Dentures

Our cost to you is about typical for the Los Angeles area. Feel free to call for specifics about what various options would cost for you. Please understand, however, that the only way to give an accurate estimate as it would apply to your situation is with a thorough examination.

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