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“The practice of Boston Dental, headed by Dr. Thein, is a lot like that of a search for a good mechanic–plenteous in number, but hard to find. But, when you finally do find a good practice–you want to keep it, and tell others too! There are several aspects to Dr. Thein’s Boston Dental that make it quite noteworthy. The first thing is the condition of the front office. It has always been neat, clean and decorative, but now they have done some sharp interior designing which make it appear additionally spacious and comfortable.

Also, and very importantly, is the cleanliness and excellent hygiene of Dr. Thein’s back offices as well as of himself and his assistants. Unfortunately, I’ve been to a few places where the surgical instruments were not thoughtfully handled or where that staff has not been appropriately conscientious of their hygiene. This is not the case with Dr. Thein, or his staff. They take their craft seriously maintaining a very high level of hygiene and sterile awareness so that I, or my wife, have never had to worry. Also, and very importantly, the demeanor and tone of the office is very professional, but equally friendly and relaxed. In the front desk, a genuine expression of concern is shown every time you enter and leave.

Dr. Thein and his staff are gentle, and patient in explaining what they are doing, and why. They let you know the options, and possible effects or consequences, then given their professional input–and let you chose. Dr. Thein is also aware of stress that many of us experience just from prospect of being treated by a dentist–any dentist. He is kind and is sensitive to patient comfort. He also refers out, when necessary, to those who have the same regard and high professionalism that he exercises in his practice. Boston Dental is a small practice–but a big find for those fortunate enough to have him as a dentist!”
– C. Parker

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