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Glendale Emergency Dentist

Photo of man in pain with a tootache for Glendale emergency dentist Dr. Robert Thein.If you’re in pain, please call us. Even if you’ve never been to our office before, we will have you come in right away and will work to accommodate you. Often, it is a simple procedure to get you out of pain, and then we can talk about a more permanent solution to whatever is wrong.

If you’re anxious about your appointment, or have had bad experiences in a dental office before, you’ll find Dr. Thein extremely understanding. Besides his gentle manner and painless injections, he offers sedation dentistry, if you would like it, for no extra charge. With conscious sedation, you may not even remember your appointment. Click here to read more about his sedation dentistry.

Reasons You Might Need a Glendale Emergency Dentist

Toothaches are most often caused by deep tooth decay that enters the pulp of the tooth, causing an infection. For more information about this, see root canal treatment page.

But there are a number of other possible causes of a dental emergency. Sometimes it’s a gum infection. A periodontal abscess will cause a toothache. When a wisdom tooth becomes infected, it’s usually an infection of the gums around the tooth. A cracked tooth can also cause a toothache. A crack can also lead to an infection of the pulp, just as deep decay can.

Dental Emergency Prevention

The best treatment for a dental emergency is to prevent it. Here at Boston Dental Care, we are proud of the low rate of toothaches from our regular patients of record. With thorough and careful examinations and carefully examined x-rays, we can detect problems before they become painful. But sometimes, in spite of being diligent with their care, people will develop a toothache, and then we have to take care of it.

Dental anxiety is an indirect cause of toothaches. People who have had a traumatic experience at the dentist will then avoid dental care. If this is your situation, here at Boston Dental Care we can help you. With sedation dentistry, we can make your dental care comfortable, and most people don’t even remember their treatment. As you come to realize that you can receive pain-free dental care, this will help you stay current with your care and avoid future toothaches.

Toothache Treatment

If your toothache comes from an infected pulp, the treatment is usually root canal treatment. People have heard scary stories about root canal treatment, but with modern techniques, it can be made painless.

If you need root canal treatment, we probably won’t perform that during your emergency visit, but will instead do a quick, temporary treatment to relieve your pain.
Other types of abscesses may need to be drained and/or treated with antibiotics to relieve your pain. But whatever the treatment that Dr. Thein recommends, we will discuss your options and the costs beforehand.

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