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Glendale CA Tooth Extraction

Glendale, California dentist Dr. Robert Thein performs tooth extractions, but he would rather save a tooth if it is possible. Some people, afraid of root canal treatment, elect to have a tooth extracted instead. But extraction is generally a much more traumatic appointment.

People often have anxiety about having a tooth extracted. If this is the case with you, it may be wise to use some type of sedation. If you have a lot of anxiety about a dental appointment, the anxiety alone will make it worse for you, and can make it harder to get you numb with Novocain. We can offer two levels of sedation dentistry—oral sedation, or I.V. sedation.

Postoperative Care for a Tooth Extraction

We will give you sterile gauze to bite on while you wait to leave the office. How long you need to bite on it will depend on how difficult the surgery was. If a tooth is very loose from advanced gum disease, there will be minimal bleeding and very minor post-operative pain. For some extractions, however, Dr. Thein needs to section the tooth and possibly remove some bone to get the tooth out. Healing will take longer for these.

Some oozing of blood is normal afterward. Your saliva may be tinged with blood for a day or two. This is normal. However, if there is persistent bleeding with dark red clots, this needs some extra attention. Take a fresh gauze (we will give you some to take home) and apply pressure to the surgical area for thirty minutes or longer, until the bleeding is stopped. In some cases you may need to call us for help.

Tooth Replacement

It’s important to have missing teeth replaced. If the tooth isn’t replaced, the teeth on the sides of the empty space will begin to tip in toward the space, and the opposing tooth will also drift until it hits something. The result can be a bite that is completely disrupted, and can lead to serious problems such as TMJ disorder or loosening of these other teeth. This drifting begins right away, so it’s not wise to leave a space unattended for more than a few weeks—the sooner the better. For multiple missing teeth, a removable denture or dental implants can be placed. For a single missing tooth, the choice is between a single implant and a dental bridge.

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