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Glendale Gentle Dentistry

At Boston Dental Care, we strive for gentle dentistry in a number of ways.

If you have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. With oral sedation using triazolam, or with more high-powered intravenous sedation, we can make you comfortable. Visit our sedation dentistry page to learn more.

Many people, however, don’t want to go that far and just want gentle dentistry. If so, Dr. Thein understands you as well.

When you come for your first appointment with Boston Dental Care, Dr. Thein will take the time to talk to you personally and get to know you. You will feel at ease to discuss your concerns. And our experience shows that each patient has different gentle dentistry needs.

Gentle Dentistry Concerns

Some people want to know nothing about what is being done in their mouth. Others, however, feel that they need to know exactly what is happening and want Dr. Thein to explain everything as he goes along. We can accommodate both requests. Just explain, during your meeting with Dr. Thein, what you need.

Most people feel better if they have some control over the pace of the procedure. If something hurts or is uncomfortable, just knowing that you can say something and get a short break can make all the difference.

Gentle Dentistry with Painless Novocain

Photo of The Wand Novocain dispenser, used by Glendale gentle dentist Dr. Robert Thein.Everyone appreciates a painless injection. And to accomplish that, we use The Wand—a computerized Novocain delivery system that takes the anxiety and pain out of injections. See the photograph on the right.

When you receive a Novocain injection, the pain comes from the pressure of the fluid entering your tissue. The Wand has a microprocessor that controls the rate of injection so that you never feel that uncomfortable pressure. It also provides a flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle to prevent you from feeling the needle.

Many dentists are aware of the existence of The Wand, but few make the investment in time and money to purchase and use one. Dr. Thein, however, is committed to doing everything possible to make your visit to the dentist comfortable and gentle.

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