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Los Angeles Dental Implants Insurance, Dental Implant Costs & Coverage

Your dentist may have recommended you receive a dental implant as an alternative to other more outdated treatments such as traditional dentures or a dental bridge as a method to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants Cost

One of the most critical factors in the search for the right dentist for dental implants is cost. However, Dr. Robert Thein would like to warn you of the dangers associated in receiving dental implants at a bargain price: dental implant failure.

As with anything, price is often reflective of the quality you can expect. Cheaper dental implants generally means cheaper quality as well. We strongly urge you to consider the credentials of a dentist before considering the cost they seek.

Dr. Robert Thein chooses not to disclose his Glendale dental implant costs online, but he currently offers a FREE, no obligation dental implant consultation to give you an idea of what to expect.


Will Medical Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

As you decide on finding a dental implant dentist, you’ll find out that many popular insurance plans will not fully cover the cost of dental implants. In fact, finding an insurance provider that will cover the entire cost is next to impossible, unless you pay a very high premium.

However, most insurance providers will cover a portion of the cost depending on your scenario. Insurance providers assist with cost if the dental implant is needed because of an accident that may have occurred or because it is necessary to avoid other foreseeable damage.

We encourage you to call your insurance provider and discuss your dental implant coverage options with them for more details.

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