Smile Makeover – Dorothy’s Case

Glendale Smile Makeover – Dorothy’s Case

Dorothy’s Case – Before

la crescenta smile makeover before photo la crescenta smile makeover dorothy case
Dorothy from Bakersfield came to see Dr. Thein, and she said “I am sick of wearing my partial dentures with metal clamps pinching on my front teeth.” Dr. Thein proposed that she wears a Snap-on partial denture without metal clamps. Dorothy agreed. He then placed several implants with Locator attachments (Gold Knobs) where Dorothy can snap in her partial denture.
snap on partial denture correction by Dr. Thein
We fabricated a partial with Snap-on cups (Gray cups) on the underside of Dorothy’s partial that firmly grip the Locator gold knobs.


after photo of dorothy's snap-on denture smile makeover in La Crescenta La Crescenta smile makeover before after dorothy
Dr. Thein applied Porcelain Veneers on Dorothy’s remaining front teeth to give her a Natural Smile without any metal clamps. Be your own kind of Beautiful!
“Now I can smile and chew foods with confidence. Thanks, Dr. Thein!” – Dorothy


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