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Dr. Thein is a leading Los Angeles dental implant specialist who is highly recognized in the field of implant dentistry so well that he has had the privilege of showcasing his expertise in front of other dentists as part of educational seminars. These seminars allow dentists the opportunity to receive first-hand experience on the latest and greatest techniques that emerge every year. Why You Should See a Surgeon Over a Cheap Dentist

Board-Certified in Dental Implants

Dr. Thein is a board-certified implant specialist, meaning he has diligently worked towards becoming a thoroughly skilled professional. He is persistent with staying up-to-date with his expertise, preserving his board-certifications, continuously honing and proving his skills, and never stops learning to provide the newest and most up-to date care for his patients. The entire board certification process is lengthy and rigorous, taking some dentists up to 10 years to receive certification. To become certified in implantology, a dentist must:

  • Provide evidence of an active dental license.
  • Have 6 years or longer in dental implant dentistry.
  • Submit 10 cases of dental implants that show excellence.
  • Completion of a very tough written and oral examination.

Dr. Thein in Action

Dr. Thein has not only showcased his work through his very own patients, but through other board-certified implant dentists and aspiring dentists as well. View Dr. Thein’s work on Actual Patients Below are 2 photos depicting Dr. Thein in a small operating room in the San Pedro Dental Surgical Center educating 11 other dentists on proper dental implant technique. His work is being performed on another dentist. *You can view a larger image by clicking on the picture.


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Dr. Robert Thein, DDS practices in Glendale, CA – but operates as a board-certified implant dentist in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in dental implantology, but also provides other general and cosmetic dentistry procedures including dental check-ups and teeth whitening.

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