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Dr. Robert Thein seems like someone who could be your next-door neighbor or a good friend. With his quiet and warm manner, you sense right away how much he cares, but you may not guess that he is one of the most accomplished, highly credentialed dentists in the Los Angeles area. He also happens to be a well-established family dentist in La Crescenta.

We’ll get into his credentials later, but let’s first focus on his philosophy and his care for each patient.

To Dr. Thein, expertise alone, without caring, isn’t enough. You can sense that commitment when you meet him. First, you’ll notice when you arrive that you’re the only patient scheduled for your time slot. You’ll have his full attention during your appointment. You’ll also notice his air of sincerity and warmth. He’ll sit down and listen to you tell him what you are expecting from him, your anxieties about treatment, your questions about cost, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should See Dr. Thein Over Cheap Dentists

Gentle and Comfort Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles

If you are an anxious patient, you’ll learn a lot about the depth of his caring. First he wants you to know that he understands and sympathizes. A lot of patients are anxious. Often it’s simply because they had traumatic experiences in a dental office earlier in their life, and there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. And then he’ll surprise you by telling you that if you need extra help, oral sedation for example, he will offer that at minimal cost. Why does he do this when other dentists charge hundreds of dollars for sedation? Because he wants there to be no obstacle to your being comfortable. Don’t try to just tough it out because you’re worried about the cost.

Then, after you’ve had some significant work done, you’ll learn more about how much he cares. You’ll get a personal phone call from him to see if you understand what was done and if you need anything. His patients are continually surprised by this. Cindy, his office manager, reports: “Every day,” she says, “every day, he never forgets to follow up. Where there is post-operative discomfort, he can often help and will do so.”

los angeles dental implant dentist

Affordable Cosmetic and Implant Dentist in Los Angeles

Another expression of the depth of his caring is in his fees. While he has some of the strongest advanced credentials and most extensive post-graduate education of any dentist in the area, his fees are very moderate and affordable. He doesn’t want cost to be an obstacle to quality care.

His Honesty with You

His objective is to get you healthy. Often in dentistry, there are various options for solving complex problems. He will be honest in giving you all the options. For example, in replacing teeth, clearly dental implants give the most comfortable result. But that may be out of your budget range. If so, he will suggest bridgework or maybe a removable partial denture which could save you thousands of dollars. Or there may be parts of your treatment that could wait a year or two, thus spreading out your payments. He will work with you to provide affordable dentistry and won’t try to “sell” you more expensive care.

Advanced Credentials in Implant Dentistry

And finally, you may learn about his strong advanced credentials in complex dentistry. For Dr. Thein, it’s not enough to have received an excellent dental school education from Boston University. He has done extensive post-graduate education after dental school. First, he received advanced dental implant surgical and prosthetic training from the Misch Implant Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. He also received post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry at UCLA, training in advanced occlusion and full-mouth reconstruction from the Florida’s Dawson Center for Advance Dental Education, and advanced education in oral sedation.

He has particular expertise in the placement and restoration of dental implants. He is one of the few dentists in the country who has attained diplomate status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and he is also a diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology.

Los Angeles Dental Implants – More Than 20 Years Experience!

Credentials are one aspect of the pie. What really counts is the experience gained practicing dentistry over the years. Dr. Robert Thein is a residing affordable implant dentist in Los Angeles and La Crescenta, where many of his patients have been incredibly happy with the level of professional service and care they received. For a great example of what you can expect from Dr. Thein’s office, please read Joe’s Story which shows what a true dental experience is all about.