Los Angeles Smile Makeover – Wayne’s Case


Wayne | Before Smile Makeover

Wayne came to see Dr. Thein from Burbank and he said “I do base jumping and sky diving on the weekend but I am nervous about sitting in a dental chair. And I lost my partial denture and my front tooth during the last jump. I want you to change everything about my smile.”

After a hearty laugh, Dr. Thein proposed a treatment with secured prosthesis that would be suitable for his sky diving activities. Oral sedation and a touch of gentle care from Boston Dental Care team was used to alleviate his dental anxiety.

Wayne | Before Smile Makeover Closeup


Wayne | After Smile Makeover

Using Porcelain crowns, veneers and implants, Dr. Thein replaced his missing teeth and created a natural looking smile for Wayne.

“I couldn’t be happier with my smile and the care I got from you guys.” -Wayne

“To Dr. Thein and Staff, Thank you for giving me my smile – after jumping the big wall at Monte Brento, Italy.”

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