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Los Angeles Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

glendale mutliple teeth dental implantAre you missing more than one tooth? If so, then Dr. Thein, a leading dental implant specialist in California, has the perfect solution for you: implant-supported bridges.

Implant-supported bridges are recommended for multiple missing teeth. If you only have one missing tooth to replace, then please visit our page on single tooth dental implants.

Implant-Supported Bridges for Multiple Missing Teeth

This procedure is performed like any other normal bridge would be performed, except with the use of dental implants instead of natural teeth. Dental implants provide as much strength and durability as regular teeth. This is because dental implants physically bond to your jawbone.

The dental implants are strategically placed in the mouth to replace the missing teeth. After the implants have been set, Dr. Thein will then place abutments (or posts) where the bridge is then connected.

Patients interested in implant-supported bridges must have sufficient space, gum tissue, and underlying bone in order to be considered a good candidate. This is all determined in a free consultation with Dr. Thein.

Advantages of Implant-Supported Bridges

There are many advantages to choosing implant-supported bridges over traditional bridges for multi-tooth replacement:

  • Maintenance – implants cannot be destroyed by decay or cavities (though they must still be cared for like real teeth with normal brushing and flossing routine).
  • Preservation – implant-supported bridges replace the tooth’s roots that helps to preserve your tooth’s bone. Traditional bridges may aid in the deterioration of the tooth’s bone.
  • Leaves Natural Teeth Alone – this type of restoration does not affect your surrounding natural teeth. They will remain healthy and are not subjected to the pressure of supporting the bridge.


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