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Glendale Snap-on Smile

Boston Dental Care is excited to offer the Snap-on Smile. It’s the newest advancement in achieving a quick and easy smile makeover. It is a fraction of the cost of most traditional cosmetic smile makeovers done with procedures such as porcelain veneers, and it can give you dramatic results faster than you ever thought possible.

The process for placing this application is fairly straightforward. After an examination, Dr. Thein will discuss with you the smile design and the shade of teeth you want. He then takes an impression of your teeth, and from the impression he makes a hardened plaster model of your teeth. The model is then sent to the Den-Mat laboratory, along with Dr. Thein’s instructions for your particular case.

The Snap-on Smile is made of a crystallized acetyl resin by the Den-Mat dental laboratories of Santa Maria, California.

When Dr. Thein receives the Snap-on Smile back from the laboratory, you visit our office and simply snap it onto your teeth. We will make any needed adjustments so that it can fit snugly and securely. The Snap-on Smile is tough enough that you can eat with it on. The manufacturer says that it will last from two to five years.

Uses for the Snap-on Smile

  • A special event such as a wedding or a class reunion is coming up, and you want a new smile for that event.
  • You want to get a new smile but aren’t sure, so you want a way to test a new smile design first.
  • You are applying for a job but are embarrassed at how your teeth look.
  • You have missing front teeth. You are getting dental implants to replace them, but need something in the meantime.
  • You need an affordable smile makeover option for now.

Snap-on Smile Sample Pictures:

Here is a case where a female patient had malformed lateral incisors. The Snap-on Smile gives her a new, beautiful, proportioned smile to show off.

Before photo for the Snap-On Smile, which is available from Glendale dentist Dr. Robert Thein.

After photo for the Snap-On Smile, which is available from Glendale dentist Dr. Robert Thein.

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