Teeth in an Hour in Los Angeles

Many people have heard about the Teeth in an Hour dental implants technique. This is a patented technique by Nobel Biocare, a dental implants company in Sweden.

There are a couple of things you should know about Teeth in an Hour.

First is that the procedure is very expensive. As we mentioned, Nobel Biocare has patented the procedure, and they require all dentists who perform it to use their computers and their laboratory in Sweden. Besides the huge air freight costs of sending the case back and forth to Sweden, there is a huge profit margin built in for the company.

The other thing is that when you put the teeth in function immediately after the dental implant root forms are placed, you create a risk of failure. The bone has to heal and has to grow around the implant. This is fundamental to dental implant success. If you load the implant before it is firmly fixed in the jaw, this can create tiny movements in the implant before it is healed. Imagine what would happen if you broke your arm and you continued to use it without getting a cast that stabilizes the pieces of the fracture. It would never heal. The same thing happens when you implant a root form into your jaw and place stress on it so that it can move before it heals. You have to allow the bone to heal before you put stress on it.

The Teeth in an Hour procedure attempts to minimize this risk by using computer technology to guide the precise placement of the root forms. So when the implants are placed, the amount of space that they have to move in is as small as possible. But the risks aren’t completely eliminated.

Once you fully understand the risks of immediate loading of the dental implant, if you choose to take that risk because you are anxious to get the teeth placed, Los Angeles, CA implant dentist Dr. Robert Thein will do that for you. He realizes that there may be a personal situation that makes having teeth quickly be a priority for you. He just wants to be sure you’re completely informed about the potential consequences of your choices.